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Chittagong Division


23.4583° N 91.1833° E


280 km²

Time zone

BST ( UTC+6 )

Population  ( 2007 )
 -  Density
 -  Literacy rate

 - 1498.65/km²
 - 55%

Geography and Climate

Comilla is located at 23°27'0?N, 91°12'0?E with a total area of 280 square kilometers . It is bounded by Burchiganj and Tripura on the north, Laksham and Chauddagram on the south, and Barura on the west. The major rivers that pass through Comilla include Gumti and Little Feni .Green and hazel eyes can easily be found in Comilla than anywhere else in Bangladesh.The people of Comilla are multi-ethnic.Afghan.Mughal and British descenders can be found in Comilla.


The headquarters of Comilla are located in the city of Comilla which has a total area of 11.47 square kilometers . It consists of 18 mouzas and 3 wards . Comilla thana was officially converted into an upazilla in 1983 which contains one municipality 18 wards, 19 union parishads, 452 mouzas and 458 villages.


Comilla district consists of the following upazilas:

  1. Barura Upazila
  2. Brahmanpara Upazila
  3. Burichong Upazila
  4. Chandina Upazila
  5. Chauddagram Upazila
  6. Daudkandi Upazila
  7. Debidwar Upazila
  8. Homna Upazila
  9. Comilla Sadar Upazila
  10. Laksam Upazila
  11. Monohorgonj Upazila
  12. Meghna Upazila
  13. Muradnagar Upazila
  14. Nangalkot Upazila
  15. South Sadar Upazila
  16. Titas Upazila

For the economic development of the region the "Bangladesh Export Promotion Zone Authority" has established the "Comilla Export Processing Zone" spread over an area of 104.44 hectares (258 Acres) in the Comilla old Airport Area.

Places of Interest

Important landmarks include Kotbari, a cantonment , or military installation and Kandirpar, considered the heart of the Comilla district. Ancient Buddhist Monastery ruins are the major attraction of Mainamati , near Kotbari. There is also a Second World War cemetery located about 3.1 km away from Comilla Cantonment, which was a frontier military base in the fight against the Japanese who had occupied Burma. British Army soldiers killed during the fight with the Japanese Army at the Burma ( Myanmar ) frontier were buried here.

Kazi Nazrul Islam , the national poet of Bangladesh , passed significant time of his life in this town. Both his wives, Promila Devi and Nargis, hailed from this district.

Comilla Victoria College and Comilla Zilla School are two ancient and famous college and school in the country. Comilla Zilla School was established in the year of 1837. Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD) is situated in Kotbari.

Situated by the bank of the river Ghumti, Comilla is also famous for some tanks such as 'Dhormo Sagor', 'Ranir Dighi', 'Nanuar Dighi', 'Ujir Dighi' etc.

Prominent educational institutions

Comilla Cadet College

  • University of Comilla
  • Comilla Medical College
  • Victoria Govt. College
  • Comilla Cadet College
  • Lalmai College
  • Barura Govt. College
  • Comilla Govt. College
  • Comilla Women College
  • Comilla Zilla School
  • Nowab Foyzunnessa Govt. Girls' High School
  • Comilla High School
  • Shilmuri R.R. High School(Barura)
  • Yusoof High School
  • Ispahani Public School & College
  • Iswar Pathshala (High School)
  • Our Lady Of Fatima Girl's High School
  • Harun Municipality Primary School
  • Shaila Rani Devi Girl's High School
  • Bejoypur High School
  • Comilla Residential school & college
  • Central Medical college
  • Eastern Medical college
  • Tamirul Ummah Madrasha
Notable Personalities
  • Dhirendranath Datta : Politician of British India , provincial minister of East Pakistan , Language Movement activist.
  • Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad : Ex-president of Bangladesh
  • Akhtar Hameed Khan : Social reformer and Development activist.
  • Abdur Rashid Engineer: Ex-Minister of Bangladesh Government.
  • Lt. Col. (Ret) Akbar Hossain ( Bir Protik ): Ex-Minister of Bangladesh Government.
  • M.K. Anwar: Ex-minister of Bangladesh Nationalist Party .
  • Dr. Khondoker Mosharraf Hossain: Ex-minister of Bangladesh Nationalist Party.
  • Badal Roy : USA based tabla player.
  • SD Burman : The renowned musician of the sub-continent.
  • Principal Abul Kalam Mazumder : Politician & best speaker of 1996 parliament.
  • DR. ZOBAIDA HANNAN: Renowned Gynaecologist,Social activist,EKUSHEY Medel winner.


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Case Study
Case studies can determine the impact of programs and provide inferences about reasons for success or failure....more


Case Study
Case studies can determine the impact of programs and provide inferences about reasons for success or failure....more


Case Study
Case studies can determine the impact of programs and provide inferences about reasons for success or failure....more




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